Binaries of the SEMS project

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 ModelCrawler-0.0.4.jar2016-03-19 13:54 81K
 ModelCrawler-0.0.4-jar-with-dependencies.jar2016-03-19 13:54 7.4M
 ModelCrawler-0.1.1.jar2016-06-29 20:47 86K
 ModelCrawler-0.1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar2016-06-29 20:47 7.4M
 ModelCrawler-0.2.1-sources.jar2016-11-19 23:16 51K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.1.jar2016-11-19 23:16 86K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.1-javadoc.jar2016-11-19 23:16 272K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar2016-11-19 23:16 7.4M
 ModelCrawler-0.2.2.jar2016-11-19 23:16 86K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.2-javadoc.jar2016-11-19 23:16 272K
 ModelCrawler-0.2-sources.jar2016-11-19 23:16 51K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.2-sources.jar2016-11-19 23:16 51K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.jar2016-11-19 23:16 86K
 ModelCrawler-0.2-javadoc.jar2016-11-19 23:16 271K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar2016-11-19 23:16 7.4M
 ModelCrawler-0.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar2016-11-19 23:16 7.4M
 ModelCrawler-0.2.4-javadoc.jar2018-01-23 16:19 270K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.4-sources.jar2018-01-23 16:19 50K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.4.jar2018-01-23 16:19 86K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.4-jar-with-dependencies.jar2018-01-23 16:19 18M
 ModelCrawler-0.2.5-javadoc.jar2018-10-25 06:11 644K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.5-sources.jar2018-10-25 06:11 50K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.5.jar2018-10-25 06:11 85K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.5-jar-with-dependencies.jar2018-10-25 06:11 18M
 ModelCrawler-0.2.6-javadoc.jar2019-01-24 10:37 657K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.6.jar2019-01-24 10:37 85K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.6-sources.jar2019-01-24 10:37 50K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.6-jar-with-dependencies.jar2019-01-24 10:37 18M
 ModelCrawler-0.2.7.jar2019-05-28 13:00 85K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.7-javadoc.jar2019-05-28 13:00 649K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.7-sources.jar2019-05-28 13:00 50K
 ModelCrawler-0.2.7-jar-with-dependencies.jar2019-05-28 13:00 18M
 md5sums2020-10-09 07:48 2.2K
 sha1sums2020-10-09 07:48 2.5K
 sha256sums2020-10-09 07:49 3.4K
 sha512sums2020-10-09 07:49 5.8K
 md5sums.asc2020-10-09 07:49 833
 sha1sums.asc2020-10-09 07:49 833
 sha256sums.asc2020-10-09 07:49 833
 sha512sums.asc2020-10-09 07:49 833
 latest.php2020-10-09 10:07 52
 javadoc.php2020-10-09 10:28 83

Here you'll find latest binaries produced or used within the SEMS project at the Department of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics of the University of Rostock.

Verifying Integrity and Authenticity

To ensure integrity and authenticity of our software each folder contains some special files:

Containing different kind of checksums for each file in that folder, such as MD5 (md5sums) and SHA256 (sha256sums), to verify that the file you downloaded is the same that we produced.
The *sums files were signed using GPG. The files *sums.asc contain the signatures, thus you can make sure, that the *sums files weren't modified/compromised. To verify the signature you need the public key 8D2DD9BD of Martin Scharm. If you don't already have it you can drop us an email or trust another web server and download the key.

Generate a Checksum

There are many tools available to generate checksums of files. Many are platform specific, but here are three common ways to calculate the MD5 sum of a file FILE:
md5sum FILE
openssl md5 < FILE
gpg --print-md MD5 FILE

Verify a Signature

To verify our signature you need to have the key 8D2DD9BD in your keyring. If that's the case simply run:
gpg --verify md5sums.asc md5sums
You should get an result that contains Good signature at some place. authorship